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About Us

WPS Transport Ltd has more than 40 combined years of hauling experience.  We are horse people first and foremost and have experience in handling, caring for and safely delivering your precious cargo.

WPS Transport Ltd. has scheduled weekly runs as well as private charter routes.  We specialize in long hauls and are extremely attentive to your horses needs.  We can give medications,  and shots if requested.

Frequent stops, unlimited hay and water are part of our job.  From the top grand prix horse to the backyard buddy, all of our passengers are treated the same.   We use quality layup barns and have many  facilities across North America that we regularly use.  A few of the these are in Aldergrove, BC, Bellingham, WA and Winnipeg, MB,  Your horse WILL get off the trailer at these stops.

Located in Aldergrove, B.C. & Lynden, WA, we have quick access to major routes.

Feel free to email for a quote. 

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